fear the pussy!

You were born under a bad sign, baby

Whenever I log into Livejournal, I find myself reading ancient entries instead of posting new ones. My old entries keep me occupied and entertained and horrified and fascinated for hours at a time. I am currently reading shit from early 2002, when I was writing Life Loves a Tragedy. Those of you who know what I'm talking about will probably get a chuckle out of the memories associated with that silliness.

My cats are fucking INSANE tonight. Granted, cats always are, but I think they may actually have figured out how to procure and smoke crack. I psychotically adore my cats, but they are really wearing on my patience tonight.

Not much happened today, really. When Brendan got home from work this morning, we ate macaroni & cheese and watched an episode of Dexter, then went to bed. Up around 3pm; most of the Christmas presents I ordered arrived, and Brendan's mom stopped by briefly. We watched The Apparition, which, like most "scary" movies, wasn't remotely scary, but it was a fairly original concept and a decent movie, even if the title doesn't really make sense. We really want to see The Possession, but there aren't any decent copies available yet, so we'll wait on that. In the morning we're going to watch the new episode of American Horror Story and perhaps Chernobyl Diaries.

Anyway, after that, Brendan took a nap and I amused myself online for a while. Talked to James; he really needs some financial help right now and I hate that I can't give him any. However, he has a standing invitation to come stay with us for as long as he wants, so that might be happening in the near future. That would be pretty cool -- all three of us have been friends for years, and I'd feel like I was repaying him for allowing me to live at his house rent-free. Plus that means Emily would probably visit more often, which would also be pretty fucking cool.

Speaking of people named Emily, sugarblind is probably spending Christmas Eve here, which is awesome... seeing her is always awesome, but seeing her on a holiday when I'd probably be a weepy mess otherwise is even better. Brendan is working 7am-7pm Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day (which sucks horribly, but also means he'll make a FUCKTON of money in overtime, so) and this way I won't feel all abandoned and lonely.

Let's see, what else? Brendan's on third shift this week so I'm home alone all night... but actually, he just called and asked me to go to the store and bring him some Tums, so I have to go do that. Ah, the things I will do out of love... and boredom.
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fear the pussy!

Let's try this YET AGAIN.

I keep trying to ressurect my journal and failing miserably at it, but I'm still going to make yet another attempt at this. Perhaps now that my life is actually mostly back together, it will work.

I am settled in at the new place... well, it's new to me, anyway. Brendan's lived here for a while, but now it's officially my house, too -- I'm even on the lease. We have a new bed and a new couch and two cats. We're becoming a functional, if odd, little family.

Later, when I am less exhausted, I will try to make a longer entry. But for now... I am trying this again. Hopefully I'll stick with it this time. Having a permanent address and a 60" computer screen will probably help.
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i am desire

(no subject)

I'm not sure if these are menstrual cramps or if I just got fucked too hard.

It's been a long three days. I will do my best at making a real entry at some point after I sleep.
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fear the pussy!

(no subject)

me: If I made you a papaya pussy, would you fuck it??
Brendan: Why the hell would i ever do that?
Brendan: I forgot...i have to go...I'm getting my toenails polished...
me: I am nice enough to not post that on Facebook... but you can bet your sweet ass it's in my most recent journal entry

Inspired by THC and this website

I psychotically love my boyfriend.

I will make a real update later.
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i am desire

We laugh like soft, mad children...

Bed soon. It's still ridiculous, going to bed at 6:30 in the morning, but considering I went to sleep around NOON yesterday and the day before, I consider this a small win. Spent the evening talking to my love and researching things online. Cleaned the kitchen, cleaned myself. Blah blah blah.

Pugz and I are picking Brendan up sometime around 5pm (whenever he's done with his doctor appointment), and B and I are spending a night in a hotel, just the two of us. I can't say much about that, but it does promise to be epic. Then Tuesday we're coming back here, intentionally doing nothing all day, and hanging out with John at night since he's moving to Georgia on I think Wednesday. He'll be missed. He's fun. I need someone else to get drunk and sing hair metal songs with. Then B's crashing here Tuesday night and going home sometime on Wednesday, and Friday he's crashing here again; we might hang out with Justin. It's awesome to get to spend so much time with him, for a change.

Not a whole lot to report, otherwise. I probably won't update for a day or two, but this does not mean I am not still trying to update this thing on a mostly daily basis.
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fear the pussy!

If you pay attention to any entry, let it be this one.


Okay, I have been gone from Livejournal for literally years. I already trimmed pretty much every community and such from my friends list.

Now it is time to do the same with people. I will be frank -- I don't remember who most of you are. I don't know if you keep up with Livejournal. In an effort to really get back into LJ, I need to trim my friends list down to people that I know, people who read my journal, people whose journals I am going to read.

Please comment here and let me know who you are. At some point I will be doing some heavy friends-list trimming.
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